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The Bell II lodge, the base for Last Frontier Heliskiing, is located along the Bell Irving River Valley, at an elevation of 1,900 feet (600 meters) above sea level. The ski area extends in all directions from the lodge. Some of the tree skiing runs, used mostly in poorer weather, are only a few minutes away from the lodge. Other runs, in the trees, on glaciers and in alpine bowls, range from nearby to being limited only by the range of the helicopter and the endurance of your legs.


The guides continuously monitor the weather conditions and evaluate the snow stability in an effort to minimize the hazards to our guests. They choose suitable skiing areas based on these evaluations and the groups skiing ability. You must realize, however, that a certain element of risk remains which is impossible to eliminate. TLF, together with other leading heli-skiing operations in British Columbia, sponsor an ongoing avalanche research project in conjunction with the University of Calgary.

In spite of our best efforts, there are risks and hazards associated with Heli-Skiing that you must share with us. Tree Skiing:Tree skiing has its own risks associated with deep holes that form around the tree trunks during the course of the winter. Your guide will give you instructions on how to ski in the forest. He will also insist that you ski with a partner who stays close by so that he or she will be able to assist should you fall in one of these "tree wells". LF charter small and powerful A-Star B2 and Bell 407 helicopters which accommodate 5 guests, a guide and pilot. Helicopter maintenance is provided by full time engineers based at the lodge for the duration of the season. The guides carry emergency equipment in their packs, additional equipment is carried in the helicopters and we have rescue caches at Bell II lodge and in the field. In an emergency, two hospitals and additional helicopter bases are within 30 - 40 minutes flying time. With the purchase of Helicopter Evacuation Insurance, Last Frontier Heliskiing Ltd. provides full coverage for helicopter evacuation from the ski area to Bell II Lodge in case of a personal injury while Heli-Skiing. Please ensure, prior to departure, that your regular medical insurance covers transportation by helicopter or ambulance from Bell II Lodge to the nearest hospital.

Mountain Information

Last Frontier Heliskiing offers you glacier and open bowl skiing second to none. The abundance of snow allows us almost endless possibilities to ski/board the challenging terrain within the vast area. Their open runs are on average between 2,500 - 3,300 vertical feet (750 - 1,000 vertical meters). The longest runs are approximately 5,000 vertical feet. Skiing amongst the majestic peaks of the Skeena Mountains is a truly awe inspiring experience. Finding good powder snow is generally an easily achieved objective given the consistent snowfall.

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Resort Information • Heliski

Resort Height Resort Height 550m
Top Station Top Station 2300m
Bottom Station Bottom Station 400m
Vertical Descent Vertical Descent 1600m
Drag Lifts Drag Lifts 0
Chair Lifts Chair Lifts 0
High Capacity High Capacity 0
Opening Dates Opening Dates Dec - April
Rating Expert Rating Expert 10
Rating Intermediate Rating Intermediate 4
Rating Beginner Rating Beginner 0
Apres Ski Rating Apres Ski Rating 5
Snow Reliability Snow Reliability 10