Cheap Ski Insurance

Repatriation Cover

Repatriation is a very important part of the cover in our Bestskiinsurance policy, it is the part that will cover the cost of bringing home any injured or sick travellers, this cost would not be covered by the European Health Insurance Card. Ski insurance should not be confused with other forms of private health care cover. It is specifically to provide for emergency medical treatments to injuries and if necessary, the cost of repatriating the injured skier/snowboarder. Of course our bestskiinsurance policy will also cover you for illness and injuries unrelated to skiing or any other winter sport.

Our policy also includes the benefit of cover for your companion to be flown back to the UK with you if it is necessary.

Long Stay Ski Insurance

Our Long Stay/Backpacker policy can include also ski and ski activities along with the 72 or more sports and activities we offer on a standard policy. We do not offer ski insurance to winter sports proffessionals such as ski instructors, but for anyone else hoping to enjoy the slopes whilst away from home for more than 31 days and ages from 18 to 39, our policy offers good value cover at affordable prices.

Safety When Skiing

Although your Bestskiinsurance policy will provide a very high level of cover for all of those named on the policy certificate, travellers will also need to do their part in ensuring their own safety and wellbeing. There have been unfortunate incidents of skiers having too much to drink and becoming confused as to their whereabouts, leaving them vulnerable and unable to relocate their way back to their holiday accommodation and suffering injuries and sometimes freezing to death.

Skiers have been known to underestimate the amount of alcohol in their body from the night before and are unable to react quickly enough to a dangerous situation on the slopes or within the resort..

Our policy will allow off piste skiing but that must be within recognisable areas, each resort will have rules on this which relate to the resorts location and weather conditions, it is the policy holder who should ensure that all possible care is taken to remain safe whilst enjoying the slopes. Our Policy Wording give details of the levels of cover and explains any exclusions.