Frequently asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the cover we offer with our Best Ski Insurance policies.

How do I Make a Claim?

Please visit the website This will lead you to our online claims notification service where claim forms can be obtained immediately via email or by downloading directly from the site. Telephone on - 01992 708706 or fax a request to 01992 450717. In writing to: One Claims Ltd, 1-4 Limes Court, Conduit Lane, Hoddeston, Herts EN11 8EP By email

Are there any medical conditions that my insurers should know about?

You should declare all medical conditions during the buying process if you would like to include cover for them within your travel insurance policy. Our simple to use medical screening system will allow you to accept the additional cover for any existing medical conditions by paying the additional fee.

Do I need to take my insurance documents with me when travelling?

You should take your insurance documentation with you as it provides important information and emergency telephone numbers. It will also provide details of any supporting documentation that may be required in the event of a claim (i.e. loss reports, receipts etc). Your policy documents are emailed to you and you can logon and re download whilst abroad.

Is the Emergency Medical Advice Line open all the time?

The Emergency Line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Doctors and Nurses will be available to talk too. The emergency number is 0044 (0)1992 454263

Will my ski insurance policy cover me for repatriation?

Anyone named on the policy certificate will be covered for repatriation.

Will my policy cover me for delayed ski equipment?

Your policy will cover you for delayed ski and skiboard equipment up to the maximum shown on your policy schedule.

Will my policy cover me when skiing off piste?

Your policy will cover you as long as you are skiing within the ski area boundaries of a recognised ski resort and following ski patrol guidelines.

Will my policy cover me for heli-skiing or ice hockey and tobogganing?

You would need to purchase our additional cover for "Category D" Sports Pack to be covered for those activities.

I am a ski instructor, will my policy cover me?

Our travel insurance policy will not cover ski instructors.

I am planning on visiting a ski park, will my policy cover me?

Our ski insurance will not cover anyone when visiting ski parks.

I will be taking part in competitive skiing, will my policy cover me?

Our ski insurance will not cover anyone taking part in any competition sports.

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