Cover for Skiing Off Piste

Why do you need cover for off piste?

Many of our experienced ski and snowboard enthusiasts require cover for off piste skiing and snowboarding. Not all insurers will include off pist cover as standard on their ski insurance policies and some will not offer it at all. Due to the nature of back country or off piste conditions, some countries are very keen to ensure that you do not stray from their designated areas due to conservation and safety concerns.

Check first before you intend to venture away from the piste areas. Our Best Ski Insurance policy also includes medical repatriation back to the UK and Isle of Man.

The following is also included in our best ski off piste policy:

Our insurance comes with cover for off piste skiing and snowboarding as standard but also includes more than 72 other sport and activities that you can enjoy FREE of charge.

*Piste Closure cover is only available for holidays starting after 1st January and ending before 1st April.

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