Repatriation Travel Insurance

Our Best Ski Insurance policies include Repatriation Cover. It is a sad fact that for many friends and family members, they will be called upon to provide the necessary funds to repatriate the sick or injured who have failed to take out an adequate travel insurance policy.

We believe it is a very important part of your policy and all of our customers can count on being repatriated back to the UK or Isle of Man.

Repatriation occurs if our medical advisors think it would be in your best medical interests to bring you back home or to a nursing home or hospital in your home country. If you or anyone named on the policy certificate becomes too unwell or is involved in an accident, whether taking part in winter sports or not, they will be immediately assessed and the best possible solution will be provided.

The level of cover for repatriation is included within your Medical Expenses part of the policy. This means that when you purchase a Silver, Gold or Platinum policy, you will be covered for up to £10 million.

Within the repatriation part of your policy, your cover will include a medical escort if it is deemed necessary.

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