Snowboarding Insurance

Our ski insurance will also cover you if you take part in other winter sports, including snowboarding.

In Europe and North America most ski areas will welcome snowboarders and many of the resorts will have half pipes, rails and jumps. Almost all of ski areas in North America and Europe allow snowboarding, and more than half have jumps, rails and half pipes.

Winter sports insurance cover is highly recommended if you are planning on taking part in any of the activities available on the slopes. You can also upgrade your skin insurance policy to include other winter sports activities.

Along with the ski cover you can pay extra to include the same levels of cover for Mono Skiing, Heli-Skiing and Ice Hockey.

Our ski policy offers you some very good key benefits and these include:

It is important that all policy holders take the utmost care with their own safety and wellbeing and wear the correct protective clothing. Wrists and ankles are very vulnerable to sprains and breaks and fractures.

Fractured wrists account for 100,000 injuries annually and knee ligament injuries outweigh even this statistic. Our heads are particularly susceptible to injuries of the brain and a helmet goes some way to improving the odds against this.

* Piste closure cover is only available for holidays starting after 1st January and ending before 1st April.

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