Why Buy Ski Insurance?

Having to fund medical bills and repatriation costs is no laughing matter. Many people, friends and families of travellers included, find that they are expected to pay for the costly medical bills for someone who has failed to take out adequate travel insurance before emabarking on their trip abroad.

The cost of paying for even the simplest medical treatment for ailments such as ear infections can exceed £250.00. The cost of an operation without any complications for an appendix removal in the US can exceed £20,000; an air ambulance from one of the Canary Islands back to the UK will cost roughly £14,000.

Illness can occur at any time, this includes whilst we are on holiday. Many people suffer further complications whilst they try to sort out emergency medical care.

Our ski insurance policy includes Emergency Medical Assistance cover and advice, so you won’t need to worry about where the nearest hospital is or how to arrange a return flight home.

Travel insurance helps to ease the financial burden of a cancelled or curtailed holiday. If you need to cancel your trip due to illness or the sudden illness of a close relative, your policy will provide you with cancelation cover. If you need to cut your holiday short due to the death of a close relative back home, our emergency assistance advisors will help organise your return flight and your policy will cover you for curtailment.

Our travel insurance will cover the loss or damage of your possessions, travel delay cover and it will also cover you for End Supplier Failure.

The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will not cover you for all of the most necessary elements of medical costs and will not include repatriation cover back to the UK or Isle of Man.

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